"How to Win the
Man Boob Battle!"

Hall of Fame Football Player Discovers
Secret to Melting Chest Flab and Replacing it
With Rock Hard Muscle Within 30 Days

eliminate man boobs before afterVince Palko's Amazing Results from
Melt Your Man Boobs Course

Dear Friend,

If you have man boobs and are absolutely disgusted with them to the point where you’d like to get rid of them NOW – then take a deep breath, smile and exhale because what I’m about to reveal to you may be the most important, life-changing information you ever come across.

Let me cut straight to the chase. I feel your pain.

I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and see an embarrassing set of flabby pecs glaring back at me. I know what it’s like to put on a t-shirt – or a dress shirt and see hang-over knockers bulging through the fabric [take a look at the before pic of me shown above and I think you’ll agree.]

Yes, having man boobs is humiliating, that’s for sure. Especially when a child - or an adult grabs a hunk of flesh on your chest and says, “Hey, those are nice. You sure you don’t need a bra?”

Been there.

But you know what? When I finally fessed up to the fact that I looked like shit and felt like hell carrying all that extra chest flab, I was finally in the perfect position to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

And do something about it I did. I put myself on a top-secret regimen that only required about seven minutes of my time per day – yet reaped rewards way beyond anything I could imagine. My flabby chest went from fat to fit in record time. And the insults and embarrassment died along with the extra flab.

This routine I discovered can do the same for you.

It’s a routine that’s tested and proven. I first learned it from a football coach who learned it from a martial arts master named Gus, who was a strength and conditioning coach for professional baseball and football players, including the Philadelphia Phillies, when they won the World Series in 1980.

This martial arts master didn’t believe in surgery to remove excess flab. He didn’t believe in pec implants or fat-burning supplements. Nor did he believe in pumping iron to do the job.

He believed and proved that you will burn off excess pec flab far faster without weights than with them. But not from doing the exercises that you probably already know.

Mark my words, from my experience and from the “man boob clients” that I have coached, you can bench press and use the pec deck till you’re “pumped up” – but all you’re doing is making the man boobs even more prominent. As the muscles in your chest bulge, so does the flab that covers them.

The ONLY WAY to Melt Your Man Boobs FAST!

Thank goodness there’s a way around this dilemma. A way in which you burn off the extra chest fat faster than your pec muscles grow.

And in my amazing course, How to Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days, I will share with you the amazing series of internal power exercises that will do far more for you than strengthen your muscles. They will give you strength, confidence and pride. They will give you the chest and the courage of a LION.


Want to know what body part attracts women like bees to honey? Well, let me explain with the following story.

About a year ago I was sitting out in the sun on the beach in Miami. Three hot women were sitting a few feet from me, soaking up the rays.

At first I was in my own little world, listening to the waves. But then I became aware of what these women were talking about. Guess what was on their mind?

To put it bluntly, they were scoping out all the guys who walked by. And they were judging them based upon ONE FACTOR.

Their CHEST.

Let me tell you, if you could have heard all the derogatory and downright insulting things these women were saying about all the men who trekked by with man boobs – you’d be absolutely floored.

They made comments about how this man needed a Double D-cup bra – and that one needed to breast feed a few young cows.

And then – to my astonishment, when a man walked by who had firm, powerful pecs, they sat in stunned silence. They were absolutely speechless. Not a word until the man passed by. Then they looked at each other and giggled like a group of sixth graders.

This proved, without a shadow of a doubt, what my friend, Mike, told me about women.

“Women notice the chest of a man more than any other body part. If you have flabby pecs or man boobs, they’re turned off. If you have firm pecs, they’re turned on. If you’re flabby in the pecs they laugh at you behind your back. If your pecs are good they’ll drool.”

Okay, Who am I and How do I Know How to Help You Lose Your Man Boobs?

My name is Vincent Palko (you can call me Vinnie). I am a Hall-of-Fame football player who, no surprise, turned to FAT after he stopped playing.

It took a few years after I retired from playing European pro ball for reality to sink in. As you can probably imagine, I kept eating like a freakin’ horse – like I was still on “training table” - and before I knew it, I needed more than a “training bra.”

I had some “milkers” that’s for sure. And although I have a set of before-and-after pictures on this web page, the REAL “before” pics were taken two weeks AFTER I started on the program as I still cannot bare to reveal ALL of my embarrassing glory.

But the good news is that I dramatically and quickly got rid of my man boobs. Within 30 days of following a series of highly specialized isometric and isotonic self-resistance exercises, my shirts started fitting like they did when I was playing ball.

GONE were the man boobs.

GONE were the feelings of nervousness and fear.

GONE were the days in which I refused to take my shirt off in public.

The change in my chest lifted my spirits and rekindled the “winning feeling” that all of us want to enjoy each day.

And within 30 days, not only did I look great again, but on an almost daily basis someone with a man boob problem was asking me what I did to get such great pecs.

What does this tell you?

It tells you that it isn’t just women who admire great pecs. Almost all men wish they could have them, too.

And they can if they simply take a little bit of time each day to do the exercises I teach in How to Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days

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From Jiggly Boobs to Power Pecs

The truth is you can begin melting away the chest flab starting right NOW.

The exercises I’m prepared to teach you can be done by anyone who can raise his arms above his shoulders.

If you are a business traveler, you can do these on the road in the comfort of your hotel room.

You can even perform them sitting on the side of your bed. Or while waiting at a traffic light.

You can do them in the shower. Or at the breakfast table while you’re waiting for your food to arrive.

You don’t need a gym or a single piece of equipment. Nor do you have to be an exercise guru or genius. Anyone with a touch of self-discipline, guts and focus can and will do these exercises and reap the rewards.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive from Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days:

You’ll melt the excess chest flab that makes man boobs away
You'll tighten and tone your entire chest, back and arms without lifting a single weight
You'll strengthen and tone muscles you might have thought dead.
You'll keep your body toned even while you recover from a surgery or any injury
You'll create superior cardiovascular endurance
You'll significantly reduce the risk of becoming a diabetic due to increased circulation.
You strengthen and loosen tight, inflexible joints, ridding them of pain.
You’ll sleep like a little child after a day at the pool.
You’ll be extremely supple, flexible, and powerful.
You’ll have friends and family notice and like the changes in you.


Your Ultimate Solution

So here's what I've got....an amazing man boob melting program, discreetly delivered to you digitally so you can quickly and easily achieve the body you want without anyone knowing what you’re doing.

How to Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days is so powerful I want you to get started immediately in the privacy of your home or office. No waiting for a package to be delivered as you suffer in silence.

But guess what? Just to make sure you are MORE than thrilled with this program, I’m going to sweeten the pot by adding the following man-boob melting freebies.

Free Gift #1 The How to Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days Quick Reference Guide – available immediately by PDF download... so you can begin the exercises pronto. (a $37 value)

Free Gift #2 The Power Pecs Poster - keep all the exercises in front of you so you never forget to sculpt the perfect chest you want. Yes, this is an immediate download. (a $27 value)

Free Gift #3 The Top Secret Quick Weight Loss Weapon - Shhh, this ones a secret!! Included in this package is my Top Secret Weight Loss Weapon. I've never released this to the masses and can't wait to show you how it works. If you have trouble staying on track with your fitness program, then you'll love what this tool can do for you. When others are falling off the wagon, you'll sail smoothly towards your fitness goals! (a $47 value)

Free Gift #4 Power Pecs Interview With the Guru - Eavesdrop on the rare interview with the ultimate health guru, Matt Furey. Listen in as health and nutrition information pours from Matt's mouth. He’ll tell you exactly what foods NOT to EAT so that you rid yourself of “man boobs” faster than you thought humanly possible. (a $197 value)

Free Gift #5 Superhero Pecs Visualization CD - On top of the other earth shattering information you'll receive, I'm going to throw in one last bonus. You’re going to love this guided visualization especially because it helps change your self-image so you no longer see flab when you picture your physique. Instead you see carved and chiseled pecs. This audio download effortlessly programs your subconscious mind to do what's necessary to get the rock hard chest that makes women go crazy. You won't find anything like this, specifically tailored to this situation, anywhere else on the net. Listen to this CD everyday for thirty days, along with the exercise program, and before you know it you'll be saying Sayonara to man boobs. (a $67 value)

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Over $374 dollars in FREE BONUSES
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In addition to the How to Melt Your Man Boobs in 30 Days program,which will be digitally delivered to you as soon as you say YES, you’ll also receive over $374.00 in free bonuses – but only if you order NOW.

How to Melt Your Man Boobs in 30 Days is a program you won’t find anywhere else. And if I were to price it according to the value delivered to you, I don’t think I’d be out of line to charge at least $500.00.

Afterall, look at the alternatives.

Expensive surgeries that average $5,000 on the low end.

Supplements that don’t work.

Not to mention the humiliation experienced day after day when you get dressed or remove your clothes and see yourself in the mirror.

But I’m not going to charge you $500. In fact I’m not even going to charge you $250. Or even $125 – even though I can probably get that amount all-day long for this incredible program.

Reserve your copy of How to Melt Your Man Boobs in 30 Days for only $67 (no shipping and handling fee and no waiting) and I’ll make sure to include the bonuses I promised you, that come to well over $150.00 in value.

Give Up Man Boobs NOW and

If you have come this far with me you understand that saying bye-bye to man boobs holds the key to radiating super self-confidence and animal magnetism.

Yes, you will attract people to you when you have the powerful pecs this program gives you. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Click the Add to Cart button NOW and let’s get started with this life-transforming program.

You can thank me later. 



man boobs signature

Vince Palko

P.S. There are two types of people in this world. Those who train and get almost no results because they’re doing the wrong routines – and those who get “target specific” programs that quickly and easily give the results you really, really want. How to Melt Your Man Boobs in 30 Days cuts to the chase of what works. Grab your program NOW.

P.P.S. Remember this: People are attracted to the man with the muscular and powerful pecs and repelled by the person who is flabby upstairs. Make sure you keep this in mind as you follow my program. It’ll keep you motivated. 


Retail price $127. For Sale only $67
man boobs order


"Hey Vince,

Awesome material!!! I’ve always been a big fan of these exercises. These are some of the same dynamic tension techniques that Charles Atlas used to build his thick/muscular physique and Bruce Lee used to maintain his ripped musculature (Check out Enter the Dragon).

I started your program after recovering from motorcycle accident. I am physically limited due to injuries sustained in accident....(i.e. I can no longer do a barbell bench press due to pain and weakness). When I first started the program, I couldn't even do a standard push-up. I had to do "girl pushups" on my knees. Worked my way up to regular pushups, and then Hindu pushups.
When I first started, I could also feel my "moobs" bouncing around while I was doing the cardio portion of the program. I combined the Melt Man Boob program with Linebacker Fitness to accelerate my results. The exercises in the Man Boob Program were critical to my success because they helped tighten, tone and strengthen my chest without causing any shoulder pain. Plus, they helped get blood circulating to the damaged areas to accelerate healing.

I use these exercises in a variety of ways:

1 As a “start” to your day…gets the blood flowing and oxygen circulating in your system. Wakes you up and gets you energized to tackle to day.
2 As a “finish” to a workout…really gives you that final “pump” and “burn” you’re looking for when you know you’ve had a tough workout.
3 As a replacement for you “regular” workout…great for traveling or when you just don’t have time to hit the gym.
4 As a form of meditation…when you do these exercises slowly, with “light” intensity and combine them with deep breathing…it can really be relaxing (similar to doing Tai Chi).


Thanks again for what you do,"

Pete Genot



"As an orthopaedic surgeon and an expert on exercise, I'm always on the lookout for a simple, easy to follow, but effective program that I can feel comfortable recommending to patients. Vince Palko's Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days is not only effective, but safe--it
won't cause you injury, to muscles or joints, like so many other exercise programs out there. But it will build rock hard muscle, instead of flab.

If you follow his easy to understand instructions, and DO the work, you, too, can have a chiselled chest with pecs of steel, instead of the sad, flabby "man boobs" that you may have now. No weights, no endless pushups, no machines--just easy, internal power, dynamic contractions that coax your muscles to respond. I've personally reviewed this program and can recommend it, without reservation."

Dr. Bill

William Thomas Stillwell, MD
Chairman Emeritus, Dept. of Orthopaedics, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center,
Smithtown, NY Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics SUNY at Stony Brook, NY (1987-2003). Medical Director of Dr. Bill's Clinic, Inc. and Dr. Bill's favorite Formulas, Inc.


"My dear friend Vince ~

My son Keven has been powering your new program for several days now and is loving it! Thanks for creating such a powerful product on a subject that is touchy and sensitive ..... especially for a 19-year old!
Update a few weeks later: Keven is making HUGE strides with the moob workout! What a transformation. Where once this youngster could not do ONE pushup.......he now belts out 10..... no problemo! And he's only on Day 24 :)

Love it! Getting the moob heaviness in shape and controlled in Las Vegas! Thanks to You!"

Herz aus Las Vegas,
Syllviea Hagen



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